The Unprecedented Times

A Positive Project for 2021

We're living in a very strange world, and each morning brings horrifying and exciting things for us to see wherever we happen to get our news.


It's a "new normal", and all those other tasty buzzwords that, if you're anything like me, you grew heartily sick of over the course of 2020. Including, dare I say it, "unprecedented times".

What I wouldn't give to live in precedented times. Remember when we could predict things? When we could make plans and be at least mostly sure they would come to fruition? I can't believe we took all that for granted. Perhaps we were too naive to realise what we had.

Anyway. Enough of that. In the midst of all the craziness, I have decided to celebrate the little things, the small achievements and tidbits of good news that may sometimes get lost in the maelstrom. That's where you come in.

Has something good happened to you recently that you want to share with the world? Did you learn a new cake recipe, take a cool photo of a sunset, pet a friendly dog, find the perfect shirt in an online sale? Let me know. Submit your good news to The Unprecedented Times - telling me a little bit about yourself alongside, if you feel like it - and at the end of each month, a round-up of all submissions provided before the deadline will be featured here, as a little reminder for everybody that nice things are still happening in the world.

Deadline for Issue #1 is Friday 22nd January.

(If you miss a deadline, don't worry! Your good news will be featured in the following month's issue.)


Thanks for submitting!