Image by Will Francis

L R Spooner

Narrator - Voice Actor - Author

I've always loved anything to do with words. I've written stories on and off since I was able to hold a pen, had short stories published in the Electric Reads Young Writers Anthology 2016 and the Writer Writer All Hallows' Prose Competition 2018, tried my hand at poetry when the mood takes me, even worked on commercial website copy, play scripts, and audio dramas...and now I'm striking out professionally into the world of narration and voice work.


I have a theatrical background, including a degree in Drama and Italian from Royal Holloway, University of London, and lots of experience with character acting and stage performance.

I live in the UK with my husband and our extremely energetic little dog, where I work as a campaign manager in a marketing agency. During my spare time, I like to sing, bake, read, get angry about things on Twitter, and try out new character voices while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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